Date: 2010-11-01 11:07 pm (UTC)
elanor_pam: Great unleashes a 1000 cans of whoopass (VoH Shchelkunchik: Demon Great)
From: [personal profile] elanor_pam
Yes, that is a problem with the first volumes of Shchelkunchik, but it really does come into his own, hard. It's actually right around chapter 27 that the shift starts happening, along with Great's role shift - he stops being merely "the Hamel" and starts feeling like something completely new. Chapter 29 shows more of that (it's also hilarious). And chapter 30 starts a flashback to Shchel's recent past which explains A LOT about him.

I find it telling that, in the first 2 volumes, we get the expected characters in their expected roles - Hamel's son is the new "Hamel", the new character who befriended him is at times the "Raiel" and at times the "Flute", and his older brother is "Oboe"-ish. All of that culminates in a re-enacting of the climatic scene in vol. 15 from the first series... and right afterwards it veers off, with a completely unknown enemy jumping out to steal his blood and Clari showing up like he knew it was going to happen all along. After that, Great is accepted, his arc seems resolved, and we start on Shchel's problems and the mystery with his body (It's not clear on the bw pages, but he's actually always covered from neck to toe).

And it turns out I haven't actually finished chapter 33, so only chapter 32 has been uploaded so far. XD;; I swear I'll have it done until tomorrow. It starts an utterly awesome arc with tons of character development, so I'm looking forward to what you'll think of it and the ones following it :D

Yes, that sounds like what I felt from the one game I was part of... except it was actually a multiverse-lounge type of RP, which I guess exarcebates the problem. No final boss/destination to look forward to, no driving issues, just... having characters from fandoms I never heard about sit and chat. It was not my cup of tea.
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