Date: 2010-11-01 09:50 pm (UTC)
elanor_pam: WOO HOO (Sinful: Bert FUCK YEAH)
From: [personal profile] elanor_pam
Didn't expect you to XD but I see so many good writers whose interests would align so well with the VoH world that it really frustrates me that they never give it a chance and... well.

I'd love to read that essay, though. Thinking hard about a setting or a story is something I'm much better at doing than fic writing, but I'm not that good at putting my thoughts down - having someone to bounce ideas off of really helps me organize my mind. And with Shchelkunchik in the equation, the VoH world is getting much bigger, and the politics of all those countries are suddenly coming into play. I'm so close to the really juicy parts in Shchelkunchik that it makes me wish I could scanlate with my mind. XD

Ooh, RP 8D I was part of the AIM RPG for years and really miss the crowd. I only did lj RPing a couple times, though, and it didn't quite work - I think the setting was too... I dunno, it was kind of slow. No real goal to work towards, no plot. I keep meaning to find other settings, but I don't know how I'd fare in them, and don't want to get into something just to fade out of it.
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